Terms of Usage - Donation-Tracker

Terms of Usage

1. Scope

The terms and conditions apply to all services offered to the user on the pages of Donation-Tracker.
Donation-Tracker is entitled to change these terms and conditions at any time. Donation-Tracker will inform the user in good time about the change of the terms and conditions applicable to him.
Donation-Tracker is not responsible for any third-party services to which Donation-Tracker links. The terms and conditions of the respective providers apply to these offers. Donation-Tracker assumes no liability or guarantee for this.

2. Availability

The services offered by Donation-Tracker are offered to the user subject to availability. Donation-Tracker endeavors to ensure that the services of Donation-Tracker are available to the user without disturbances. By maintenance work and / or further development and / or other disturbances, the utilization possibilities can be restricted and / or temporarily interrupted. This may also result in data loss. This does not result in compensation claims by the users concerned. Donation-Tracker is also entitled to change or discontinue the offered services and services at any time without notice.

3. Registration

To use Donation Tracker services, please complete the registration form with your username, password and E-Mail address.
The minimum age for using Donation-Tracker is 18 years.
The registration of a user name with ambiguous, racially, offensive or offensive content is prohibited. Donation-Tracker has the right to change the user name, or delete the entire account, in the event of a violation, without mentioning reasons.

4. User obligations

The user undertakes not to violate existing laws and any contractual provisions within the scope of the use of the services of Donation-Tracker. In particular, he undertakes that any content which he disseminates does not violate the rights of third parties (eg copyrights, patent and trademark rights), that the applicable criminal and child protection provisions are observed, and that no racist pornographic pornography denying the Holocaust is grossly objectionable Or sexual, juvenile, extremist, violence glorifying or trivializing, warring war, terrorist or extremist political organization, imposing an offense, impruent offense, insulting or inappropriate for minors or other criminal offenses.
The use of features provided by third parties on Donation-Tracker, in particular the uploading of pictures and sounds, is subject to the legal provisions of the respective provider.
For uploading images and sounds, you agree to the terms of Dropbox. (https://www.dropbox.com/privacy#terms)
Manipulating pages on Donation Tracker or uploading damaged files is strictly prohibited.

5. Purchase of premium services

The user has the right to use the premium features at the desired duration of Donation-Tracker when purchasing a premium service.
The contract term is 1, 3 or 6 months depending on the premium service between the user and Donation-Tracker. A cancellation is not required (No subscription).
Donation-Tracker has the right to change or discontinue the premium features, as well as the prices at any time, without notifying the users.

6. Sending donations

The User agrees that Donation-Tracker may not be held responsible for misrepresentation or unacceptable payment methods by the payment provider when sending a donation.
By sending a donation to the recipient, you agree that the card or your PayPal account is your own and entitle us to charge each donation in full. This fee is non-refundable, non-profitable and / or interchangeable and can not be withdrawn or repaid. You acknowledge that you will not receive any goods / services for a donation sent.
The user has the possibility to transfer the transaction costs for the recipient. These are graded as follows: For US Dollar: $0.30 + 2.9% / For EUR: 0.35€ + 1.9% and will be added to the total amount.
By accepting this Agreement, you authorize us to store your submitted data, which is for reporting and information purposes only.

7. Receiving donations

If you receive any donations, you are liable for any repayments or disputes of the respective payment provider that may occur in connection with these transactions.
Donation-Tracker is not liable for "Chargebacks". These are to be clarified with the payment provider.
By accepting this Agreement, you authorize us to store your billing information, which is for reporting and information purposes only.

8. Data Protection

Donation-Tracker is entitled to store and process personal data of the user for the purpose of the use contract. More under: Privacy Policy

9. Applicable law

This contract is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.